Feedback on the E-Town Hall

Thanks for organising this virtually, I think this is great! Maybe we can set up other digital platforms for residents to connect?

When is the next E-Townhall session?

I’d like to know if such town hall events will be held regularly, say every quarterly, to update the residents, given we are now operating in new norms using digital technology.

Just a feedback: These sessions are very useful and it is my first engagement with the representatives of BP. Please consider having more of these sessions in future even after the threat of COVID19. Thank you.

This is a good info session from the E-Townhall. I hope that you all will organise another session in quarterly. It will be good to have the resident to get updated info etc. Thank you very much

Hi Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, thanks for your presence. Yes in fact the flu and sick cases in my company has reduce drastically with the good hygiene practice.

It is nice to be able to join this etownhall. However, I only know about this event through a grassroot leader today. I am surprise that I have not heard of this event anywhere earlier. I believe many residents are also not aware. i hope more outreach effort can be done to engage residents via social media.

Thank you all for holding this eTownhall session. I appreciate it very much as we can participate in the comfort of our homes. I am a senior and this is wonderful. Let’s do this more often.